Athletes away!

By: Clint C, 7

The stadium shimmers from the crisp, glimmering sun, as people from many countries and states scream and run, hurrying to buy their tickets, the Olympics was here! Not many people know the history or even the facts and info about the Olympics. The Olympics is a exciting and historical event!

One of the most commonly asked questions is when did the first Olympics take place? Well, the first Olympics took place in 776 BC, Olympia.In this date there wasn't nearly as many events as there are now, they had the basic and simple events from the Olympics.

The rings on the Olympics are connected for a reason, it means that the countries will be brought together to have fun and compete. These rings are made up of 5 rings joined. The rings stand for, from left to right, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americans.

The events in the summer Olympics include judo, swimming, boxing, synchronized swimming, weightlifting and over 270 more, but the winter Olympic games include different events like figure skating, hockey, bobsledding, sled racing, and over 60 more. The events are always the same, but sometimes they could add more.

The top 3 athletes in each event will receive a medal, and a diploma, the next five finishers also receive a diploma, but not a medal. The medals are gold, silver and bronze for first, second and third. In the Olympics over 10,000 Athletes from 190 nations take part.

The Olympics is a great event for athletes to get together and have fun! I, personally didn't know a thing about the Olympics before this essay. I feel that the Olympics should add some cool designs on the medals of the Olympics!

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