Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - Early August 2018

Did someone say "August"???

This time of year is like the moment on "Wheel of Fortune" when Pat Sajak says "I'm going to give the wheel one final spin ..." We're all giving life one final spin these weeks before school starts.

A school building in Summer is really too quiet. The hum of learning is replaced by an other-worldly landscape of boxes and bookshelves in hallways, just waiting to be used again by teachers and students alike. But there is a subtle beauty in the mess. Thanks to Jeff and his crew, Lakeview is on its way to shining like it did 60 years ago.

Two Summer Institutes

Thank you to our coaches for offering a variety of Summer institutes. Janice and Jen led a conferring institute during Summer School to focus on the types of conferring and how we use conferring to get to know our students deeply as readers and writers. As a district, we will continue to dig deeper into conferring this year. Thank you, Jen & Janice!

A few weeks later, Beth and Joe hosted an early elementary math workshop with their UWM colleagues. The focus was on the trajectories for counting, addition, and subtraction. This workshop really broke apart the discrete skills that go into something that sounds as simple as "counting". I got this book as a great parting gift as well (another Wheel of Fortune reference).

When can I get into my room?

Jeff and I have discussed. You are welcome anytime, but if you decide to come before Monday, August 27th, we cannot guarantee access. Jeff's crew is waxing hallways, so even though your room might be ready, you may not be able to get to your room at certain times. Best solution? Don't just "spin the wheel" - email Jeff at least 24 hours ahead to see if you can get to your room.

Please note - student registration days are August 8 and 14. Election day is August 14. The district remains closed on Fridays through August 17th.

Week of August 27

Soon, you will get your "back to school" information from the district office with the schedule for the first week. Once the district sends the overall schedule for the week of August 27th, I will email additional meeting details that are specific to Lakeview. (I hear that Lakeview likes to eat at meetings, which means I am in the right spot!)

New website

The district's new website has gone "live". It's a work in progress, but please check it out. The district's website is the same address as always.

You can get directly to Lakeview's website by typing

Articles that made me think lately

Piqued: The case for curiosity

"At high levels [of curiosity], the achievement gap associated with poverty was essentially closed," Shah says. That finding hints that promoting inquisitive thinking could reduce differences in school performance related to socioeconomic disadvantage.

Fostering collective teacher efficacy: Three enabling conditions

"Collective teacher efficacy is beyond three times more powerful and predictive than socioeconomic status." (Collective teacher efficacy is a fancy way of saying "We can handle anything that comes our way" ~ Chris)

What we get wrong about the poverty gap in education

"To tackle poverty and educational issues, programs need to focus on providing access to food, housing, education and health care - all necessary to thrive - and not the potential inadequacies of parents."

Come teach again - On teacher guilt and the platitudes that grows it

Wisconsinite and literacy crusader Pernille Ripp says this in a barnburner of an article:

"How about instead of pretending that everything is under the control of teachers, we actually realized that the very best classrooms are those where students share the control and thus have to invest to actually learn?"

What makes a great leader, explained in eight counterintuitive charts

The title sounds worse than it is ... What I wonder is where we all fall on these different charts, because we are all leaders.

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