Life of Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan

Daisy has had a wild ride. Since Nick has come to visit everything has changed. From meeting knew people to parties, etc. The major turn for Daisy was Gatsby. They met back with each other at a party that Gatsby through. Ever since then we have seen some wild connections between the two. Is Tom going to find out? Wait for the next edition to find out what happens with her relationships between Tom and Gatsby.

What couple do you like better?

Option 1 we have the couple of Daisy and Tom. Option 2 we have the other couple scenario of Daisy and Gatsby. I think we know what couple we like better. If you chose Daisy with Gatsby you're in the right mind. If you chose Daisy and Tom then I don't know what to say. Why wouldn't you choose Daisy to be with Gatsby, she obviously has a thing for him. One such reason is that she gets teared eye when she sees his glamorous clothes and is in aww. You can also tell that when she is with Tom she doesn't look the same or seem she has fun. So the obvious choice has got to be Daisy with Gatsby.