What I Have So Far!

Below are links to the pages that I plan to make available to PISD.

The first link is the home page of the lessons It contains two links; one for each of the sessions.

Session One has the bulk of the training. At present, the combined time of the videos is around 18 minutes. I haven't done anything on Bullying yet, nor do I have anything on the Blood Pathogens. I also still have to put the links up for the downloadable material for certain lessons.

Session Two is 26 minutes long and is the video on Parent Involvement at PISD.

I would like your blessings on it before making it public. I also need to make the end of session questionare. I think we will be able to have it up by the end of the day on Monday.

I also had some things from that got stuck in spam. I will try to retrieve those one Monday when I am back at school.

Have a great weekend.