Fall 2014

Campus Commotion!

We are in the midst of a busy week of Teen Leadership Conference - and what a blessing it has been! It is always good to have students, youth workers and alumni on campus. It is obvious that God is working in and through those in attendance... we know of at least 2 students who accepted Christ this week!

With all of this summer excitement - we are particularly thankful for the Summer Crew - The team spends the summer on campus and serves guests attending all conferences and sports camps -- from the LYFE Women's Conference and five Defender Sports Camps to TLC and Launch. Members prepare residence halls for multiple uses, serve in the Underground Cafe, and help with a range of other needs.

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In OSD we continue to prepare for your arrival. This newsletter is just another update with nitty gritty details to aid you as you arrange for your next steps - with a special focus on living and working in community.

As always - feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Living in Community

Over the next week the Associate Deans will finalize housing arrangements. Early in August you should receive a phone call from your Resident Director with information regarding your housing assignment and roommate information.

In the meantime check out the FAQs for information about dorm life.

Speaking of Dorm Life - here's a list of things you might consider bringing with you (this is not meant to be all inclusive - only to give you an idea):
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Dress for Community Living

BBC desires students to dress in a manner consistent with biblical principles of modesty. The specific guidelines included below are shaped by biblical principles, community preferences, and cultural expectations in terms of appropriateness and professionalism.

  • Clothing should not be excessively short, tight, or revealing (i.e. skirts/dresses should be to the top of the knee, midriff and underwear should not show, and shirts should not be low-cut or tight-fitting).

  • Clothing should not have slogans that are inconsistent with BBC values.

  • Clothing should be gender appropriate.

  • Clothing with holes, rips or tears, shorts, and sweatpants should not be worn to class, chapel, or lunch.

  • Pajama pants are only to be worn in the dorms.

  • Shoes must be worn in all buildings at all times (except dorms).

  • Students wearing Spandex for exercise should have loose-fitting shirts and shorts over top.

  • Hairstyles and fashion should avoid extremes.

  • Facial jewelry (other than earrings and nose studs) is prohibited.

  • Students are expected to remove hats and hoods before entering the cafeteria, class, or chapel.

  • In addition, our campus culture supports the professional development of students and allows faculty to communicate additional dress guidelines for classes that are consistent with the course objectives.

Employment Opportunities

The 2014 BBC Job Fair is for students/alumni of Baptist Bible College & Seminary and local employers who wish to hire individuals who value hard work, commitment, and excellence in all areas of life. This event will take place on campus, Tuesday, September 2 @ 10am.

New: Community Groups

To Live in Community at BBC is to live, learn, and grow together. This summer BBC faculty and staff are diligently preparing to Live in Community with you – in Community Groups. Community Groups are faculty and staff led, gender specific, student centered groups designed to serve you in your personal, spiritual, social and academic growth at BBC. Community Groups will meet during select chapel hours throughout the course of the semester. More information regarding Community Groups will be provided during a special chapel in early September.

BBC is pleased to offer guest housing at an affordable rate during Welcome Weekend and throughout the school year. We can offer your parents and other family members low-cost overnight stays in Commons Hall, right here on campus. Obviously, availability will be limited, so we will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is important to know that this facility is a college residence hall that has two floors dedicated to housing for parents of current students and prospective students, as well as other college guests. Rooms include two twin beds. Guests must provide their own towels, linens, and pillows. Also note: Every three rooms form a suite that shares a common restroom/shower facility. No meals or meal prep will be available in this building. The college cafeteria operated by Pioneer Food Services does offer meals at reasonable rates.

Room Rates are as follows:

Single (one room) - $20/night
Family (one suite with 3 rooms) - $50/night
**Two person maximum occupancy per room

If your parents are interested, you will need to use this link to send your request for availability. We will communicate with you upon receiving your request. If you have any questions, feel free to email Kati Raven

About those books

The booklist is open for Fall 2014. Take advantage of free shipping when you order between August 4 and August 8. Click the button above for more detail.

People Make a Difference

You are going to find out that BBC is made up of GREAT PEOPLE and each of us love to interact with you! We are happy to answer any of your questions. You will find a list of some key people and their contact information by clicking on the contact us button below.