History In Our Midest


Hello my names Paige Dunley I will be your time-travel assistant today. Thats right i said time travel and we are going to Early Mesopotamia.Today we are going to learn their ways and walk on the streets of Mesopotamia ,with them!So relax lay back and enjoy the ride.

Welcome To Early Mesopotamia!

I hope you had a nice ride folks and welcome to stop number one Early Mesopotamia! feel free to look at the sites and buy some Brass figures just kidding we need to stay in the time machine at all times and please keep your hands and feet inside the time machine at all times! And please for safety reason do not i repeat do not let the children sit by the doors! Ah! look at that man to your right if you please see what he is carving on that clay tablet that is cuneiform the Mesopotamian way of writing! Each symbol he writes is meant to be an object they didnt have the alphabet yet!

The Gods of Mesopotamia!

And if you look to your left you will see a ziggerat the door that is on the roof is where the Treasury and the bottom is where they worship their gods!They have a god of rain a god of wheat and much more!They use gods to explain things ,like the weather for instance even if they make a mistake on a bracelet or forget to irrigate the crops.The one they use even more then those if they lose a war!Another example would be if someone just died!

Mesopotamian Games!-recreation time

Mesopotamians after their life got easier had spare time or as we call it recreation time!Since they didnt know what to do in their recreation time they created jobs and games!Like one job for women would be bracelet weaving for the market A job for a man would be weeding the fields.Games the rich played the ruler and other rich people would lion hunt they would release lions into the wild and come after them with spears and hunting dogs.The poorer people of Mesopotamia would play,much simpler games