JFK Assassination

By: Sarah Burkhart

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Shortly after noon, on November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy, the 35th President, was on his way to his first political planning session for his upcoming election year. The crowds of excited people lined the street as people waved at the Kennedy's. The car that was driving John accompanied by his wife Jacqueline, the governor of Texas John Connally and his wife Nelllie. As they turned down Main Street at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas, Texas. John Kennedy was fatally shot when passing the Texas School Book Depository. Kennedy was shot in the neck and in the head. Also Governor John Connally was shot in the chest. The car then quickly drove to the Parkland Memorial Hospital which was just a few minutes away.


There are three major conspiracies over what happened to John F. Kennedy and who shot him. The first conspiracy is that Lee H. Oswald was the one and only shooter and killed him from the Texas School Book Depository. However a couple years later The House of Representatives Select Committees on Assassinations thought that there was an additional shooter who fired at the Presidents Motorcade. The next theory is that the Soviet Union had something to do with it. The U.S. and the Soviet were engaged in a bitter war. Conspiracy theorist say that Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev was upset about having to back down after the Cuban Missile Crisis, and decided that he would order a hit on Kennedy. The Theorist came up with this because Lee H. Oswald was connected to the USSR because he was a former marine. One of the last big theory is that Lyndon Johnson did the crime.Theorist say that Johnson worked with the CIA and other people with wealth who believed that they would earn more from the Johnson Administration. The theory is Johnson was helped in plot by a man who would become president, George H.W. Bush, and a CIA official who happened to be in Dallas Texas that day.
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Media Portrayal

The media only wanted one side of the story out. They didn't want any conspiracies getting out of hand. The media said that Lee H. Oswald was the only shooter acting. They were afraid that if they allowed other conspiracies, such as the Soviet Union or especially the CIA, were to come out they would have no trust from the people. The people would not know who to trust if these theories went out and around so they forced the Lee H. Oswald was the only shooter.

HIstorical Criticism

When John Kennedy was president it was very likely that a sniper would very easily be able to shoot the president. The Historical Criticism is that the president did not have all the security and precautions needed to be taken to insure the presidents safety. Today you would not see President Obama riding down the street in a car with no top just cruising. He would be in a bullet proof cars with multiple police surrounding him. The measures of protecting the President today are completely different then they were when JFK was president.
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My Opinion

My opinion is that Lee H. Oswald was the only shooter. Although the conspiracy theories do get people thinking. I think that the only one that makes sense in my head is that Lee H. Oswald was the one and only shooter. The Judges would not convict someone of something that is unjust. Lee Oswald had to have worked a lone and some people just want to come up with reasons to stir up the world and try to get conspiracies going.
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