Native Americans

Where the Comanche's Lived

The Comanche were the early Texans in the 1700s and lived in the prairies, plateaus, and plains of Western Texas until the late 1800s. They had a territory called Comancheria, was a vast land that stretched from Northern Mexico to Kansas and from Texas to New Mexico.

The Food they Ate

They surrounded herds of buffalo and forced it to move in a circle. They used bows and arrows to kill and animals they passed. As soon as they killed ir they ate and saved the rest for later.

Type of Dwelling They Lived In

Comanche lived in tepees because since they moved frequently to follow the buffalo herds. The tepees could be packed up and moved in one hour.

Weapons and Tools

Close Range: War Hawk Club

Mid Range: War Lance

Long Range: Bow and Arrow

Special Weapon: Scalping Knife

Comanche's Religion

If a warrior died his horse was usually killed also. The dead were buried in a shallow trench. Comanche religion was basic. The parabio would have vision quests and it centered around these. They would have a pipe smoking ceremony on special occasions. They had their own version of the Sun Dance, and when the Ghost Dance swept across the country they did not participate.

Comanche Leadership

The Comanche do have a couple chiefs that stand out. one of the most important leaders or parabio, of the Comanche was Ten Bears. Ten Bears was the main person that spoke at the Medicine Lodge Treaty signing. He lived from 1792-1872. Here are some exerts from one of his famous speeches.

Where the Comanche are Located Now

Comanche tribal enrollment now numbers 15,191 with approximately 7,763 members residing in the Lawton-Ft.Sill and surrounding areas ofSouthwest Oklahoma. The Comanche Nation complex is located nine miles north of Lawton, Oklahoma and employs about one-hundred forty-five people.

Unique Facts About the Comanche

Pottery is heavy and easily broken when moving so they did not use much pottery. They used leather for containers along with baskets. They used packs on dogs and travois to carry their things.
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