Shang Dynasty

by: Mili, Brianna, and shaw

shang dynasty: their technology and location

The Shang Dynasty period consisted of many different types of technology such as:

Bronze vessels

· Music Instruments

· Weapons Like Axes, Daggers & Spears

· Pottery & Ceramics & Lacquerware

· Nephrite Animals, Rings & Tubes

· Chinese Calendar

· Oracle Bones

· Horse-Drawn Chariots

· Fortune Telling

· Oracle Scripts About Celestial Movements

· Elementary Counting

· Hierarchy Political System

The location of Shang Dynasty was Northern China, The land around the Yellow River

Shang Dynasty and their writting

During the shang dynasty period, people wrote in vertical lines on bamboo strips, rice paper, and silk. They also left inscriptions on animal bones and tortoise shells. The writing was called "lopographs"

The first Chinese "characters" appeared during the shang dynasty period.

shang dynasty family values

The shang dynasty families were polytheistic which meant that they worshiped many gods and ancestors.

It was thought that the success of crops and health of people were based on the happiness of dead ancestors. If the ancestors of a family were pleased, life for that family would be prosperous. However if the spirits were not pleases, tragedies could occur. Shang Ti the “lord on high” was the god worshiped by everyone. It was very important to keep him happy because he was believed to be the link between heavenly beings. The souls of ancestors would visit with him and receive instructions. He was often kept happy with various rituals, prayers, offerings, and sometimes even human sacrifices.