A Long Way Gone

Ishmael Beah


Ishamel, his friends, and brothers are on the run from rebels who have attacked his village and the villages surrounding. Fighting to stay safe and not get caught, they separate and ishmael is left to survive on his own.

Internal Characterization

Very loving, sacrifices for others, and independent. But because of the rebels, he changed. "That night we were so hungry that we stole people's food while they slept. It was the only way to make it through the night"(Beah 29). This shows that out of despiration, they had enough courage to steal from the villages.

Historical Connection

This book relates and is similar to the terrorist attacks in Paris because the rebels would just invade a village and take everything, kill innocent people, and hold some captive. This is similar because in Paris, ISIS invaded many retsurants, a concert hall, and a stadium with thousands of innocent people.


A large heavy knife that the rebels carried around and used during war.


A tropical plant with thick roots that are used to make small white grains mostly used in cooking.


Conflict #1

One conflict they had was the villages around them had been getting invaded by rebels and they had to get out of their village. While they left their village they had no time to look for their families or gather supplies so they were left to survive on their own.

Conflict #2

While running away and trying not to get caught by the rebels, Ishmael and a group of boys were called the "seven boys" and when they approached a village, the villagers thought they were dangerous and working with the rebels. So when arriving at the village, they often didnt let them stay or borrow any supplies or food.