My Future Plans

By Jordan


Whole Brain Thinker

I am a whole brain thinker. Most of the time I think using my whole brain, and the situation I'm in deterimines whether I lean more on my right brain or my left brain. Because I'm a whole brain thinker I have attributes of both sides. I am spontaneous, yet controlled. I'm social, but plan well. I am creative but organized in my creativity.
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My Personality

#1 Orange ( tied with blue and gold)

I have an orange personality. I'm fun-loving, charming and aventorous. My orange personality also makes me competitive, a multi-tasker, adaptable and creative. I'm also witty and generous. My orange side shows in my listening style. I listen for entertainment and lose interest if the topic is not engaging.


My communication style tends to be more extroverted than not, especially if I'm around people I know. Although I wait for the other person to finish talking before I talk, and I use minimal gestures when talking and prefer not to draw attention to myself. I have a very extroverted communication style. I use animated, expressive tones, I have a pretty loud voice, my facial expressions are easy to read, I have a very fast pace, and I usually speak while I'm thinking. I still do have a introverted side that waits for others to aproach and appreciates silcence and pauses during conversation, I'm an extreverted communicator.

Working With Others

When working in a group, I tend to fill the role of Director. That means that I am competitive, dominant, and challenging. This corresosponds with my personality type, gold, because the gold people are the resposible, dependable and decisive leaders.To find out what kind of team memeber you are CLICK HERE!

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Budgeting My LIfe

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My Top 3 Colleges

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My High School Graduation

Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 8am

1270 Leroy Pond Drive

Fayetteville, AR

"Everbody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" -Albert Einstein