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easy-Speak Help Desk Webinar Slides and Pre-recorded Tutorials


Workshop and Pre-recorded Tutorials Series 2017

Live Workshop for new users of easy-Speak

This interactive webinar set for 25 June 2017 in Zoom. Details will be published in Events for the easy-Speak Toastmasters Community Facebook Group.

New Instructional online tutorials on demand

These short videos will help new users with easy-Speak to:

1. Login and edit Profile

2. Sign up for meetings and self-select meeting roles

3. Request a speech and set goals

4. Manage records of speeches and progress

Workshop Series 2016

Instructional webinars are provided to help new club officers with easy-speak.

1. Thursday July 14 at 20:00 GMT +10 Agenda Basics
Slides here. Short Video Tutorial

2. Thursday July 28 at 20:00 GMT +10 Control Panel Basics

Slides here. Short Video Tutorial

3. Thursday August 11 at 12:00 GMT +10 Manage Members, Charts & User Lists

Slides here. Short Video Tutorial

4. Thursday September 8 Schedule Meetings, Speeches and Roles

Slides here. Short Video Tutorial

5. Thursday October 13 Club Startup Process

Slides here. Short Video Tutorial

6. Start of a new series of pre-recorded videos:

Introduction to the easy-Speak Help Desk

Pre-Recorded Sessions

Introduction to easy-Speak Help Desk

Short Videos on each of the Base Camp tutorials linked above.

New Recording Software is being explored for ease of Pre-recorded sessions for your convenience, and will be accessible at any time.

If you are interested in discussions about these sessions and other easy-speak issues, please join the easy-speak Toastmasters Community.

Option 1: Self-paced Online Course

If you are an easy-Speak user and need some help straight away, please self-enrol in the easy-Speak Made Easy course (use the password easyspeak to login as a guest)

You will have access to the fictitious club site for King Arthur's Playground - who said you can't have fun while learning easy-Speak?

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Option 2: Training Videos

Latest series of video webinars now available - live or on-demand from District 39.

Join or watch Jill Fay and Victor Irving Jenkins in their series of webinars at

There are new 'How To' Videos for VPEs available in YouTube for those who prefer to learn visually. Access the videos in the easy-Speak Support Team channel.

What about easy-Speak videos for club members? Yes, new ones of these coming online frequently. Access the latest videos from Docklands Toastmasters playlist

Check out these recent additions to YouTube from the Redmond Toasters Channel.

Option 3: Watch Full Length Webinar Recordings from July 2015

Are you currently using easy-speak at your Toastmaster club(s)? Need some help?

July 6 Webinar: Focus on VPE - Recording Link

July 13 Webinar: Focus on Agendas - Recording Link

July 20 Agenda: Focus on Helping Other easy-Speak Users - Recording Link

July 27 Agenda: Focus on Creating an easy-Speak Culture - Recording Link

Join the easy-Speak Toastmasters Community at Facebook, and add your suggestions for future Webinars to be held in a virtual meeting room.

Please RSVP to easyspeakchampion@gmail.com

If you are first time user of Blackboard Collaborate web conference tool,
check here for helpful advice.

If you are a first time user of GoToMeeting web conferencing tool, check here for helpful advice.

Option 4: Print Based Materials

If you are planning on supporting other easy-Speak users in your clubs you may need some instructionally designed learner guides.

A print based resource: the 'easy-Speak User Manual' has been developed by another champion and is available here. Thanks to D69 Champion Simon Cornwill. This is a project under construction.

Many useful slidedecks are also available from Slideshare here - feel free to download and amend to suit your needs.

A new feature for printbased resources include Quicksheets, short instructional pages for specific tasks in easy-Speak:
Member Mark Attendance and Sign up for a Role
Control Panel Basics for Club Officers

Coach Carole

District 73: Area N 29 Director Assist Team

President: Indigo Valley Speakers
VPE: Wangaratta TM
Technology Manager: Toastmasters Without Borders (online club)

easy-Speak Leader: Training Resources Team

SAA and Mentor: Firebirds Collective (online club)

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easy-Speak Testimonial

"After using a spreadsheet for many years, moving to Easy-Speak was not only an enormous time saver, but it also provided so much more information at the click of the mouse. Being a web based tool, easy-Speak makes it easy for others to fill in for the VPE as required. This is the only “complete club management system for TM clubs on the planet”.


  • Saves time - lots of it:
  • create and complete an agenda in less than 15 minutes
  • quickly track member progress and attendance on built in charts
  • schedule speeches and assign roles in a flash
  • Improves members' education - by ensuring an even distribution of assignments
  • Proves to be an amazing system - a must have for every club."

Webmaster - Hills District Toastmasters Club

More Testimonials

Do you know, as a PR member I am getting into the power of the blog and it's alternative the discussion board. Having now linked it to our clubs FB group and run the RSS feed through our website, I can get my members to join in the online PR of our club without thinking about it!

Members can elect to fill the role(s) they want on the night. We need to leave a few gaps for visitors that feel confident to take on Ah Counter or Jokester.

I love the history saving feature on when our members completed their speeches and roles. When we need to submit awards, we just need to go to Communication or Leadership Progress of the member. How can that be beaten by any other planning system?

Another wonderful feature is the 'paid to' info. My club offers members the option of paying for a year at a savings of $5. During this dues renewal, any officer can see who has paid and who we need to ask to pay. Love this feature.

I use the Club Charts to monitor the progress of speeches and completion of leadership tasks before assigning the roles and scheduling the speeches. I could not do that efficiently as a VPE without it. I work with the VPM to check that members know how to set their OWN goals in easy-Speak and empower them to take charge of their education pathways.