Coalition Against Hunger

Getting Food for the Hungry

There are many ways in which we help the hungry...

"The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger fights hunger in Southeastern Pennsylvania through education, outreach, and advocacy. Our education and advocacy programs aim to empower emergency food providers, to inform concerned citizens, and to help shape public policy. Through our outreach, we are also working to improve participation in and access to the Food Stamp (SNAP) Program."

Ways We Fight Hunger:

You can help!

1 in 4 people in Philadelphia are at risk for going hungry. If you want to donate, the money will provide local food pantries and soup kitchens with funding, training, and other tools, help thousands of families gain food assistance and other public benefits, bring nutrition education and healthy food to low income schools, and advocate for good policies in Philadelphia that prevent residents from going hungry.

If you would rather give us your time instead of money, you can volunteer your time to any of the events explained above.

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