19th century

Abigail Thomas, Whitney Clem, Makayla Bringle

Louis Pasteur


- French chemist

-1831 he started observing rabies

-1844 his studies continued

- 1879 he made his first lab vaccine

1885 it was used on a human

Rene Laennec

In 1816 Rene invented the stethoscope.The two greek words for stethoscope are stethos which means chest and scopos which means examination. Laennec discovered that sounds from the heart could be heard better with contact. After he figured that out he spent the next three years testing different objects to see how they worked he used different materials to make tubes until he came up with the stethoscope seen in the picture.

Adolf Gaston Eugen

-In 1887 he constructed and fitted what was to be considered the first successful model of a contact lens.

- contract shell made from heavy brown glass which he tested first on a rabbit and then on his self.

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The Text said On Mediate Auscultation or treatise on the Diagnosis of the Disease of the Lung and the Heart