U.S. History

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Magna Carta 1215

In 1215,the English king was forced by his barons to promise not to take away any free man's property or to imprision any free man without following procedures established by the laws of the land. Written by a group of 13th century barons . It influenced by American government To protect their rights and our constitution rights.

English Bill Of Rights 1689

In 1689 England's rulers agreed not to have a standing army or to impose new taxes without the permission of parliament. It was written as an act of parliament. The significance of the English Bill of Rights is the limited the power of the English sovereign.

Virginia House of Burgesses 1619

The colony of Virginia established an elected representative assembly also know as the House of Burgesses. It was signed by the pilgrims. The significance of the first legislature and our government. Limited the power of he English sovereign and political rights

Mayflower Compact 1620

The following year, the pilgrims agreed to self-government in the mayflower compact and it was signed by 41 English on the ship . The significance of the mayflower Compact is Self government and they agreed to self-government in the ship.

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 1639

Three towns in Connecticut agreed to the Fundamental orders of Connecticut, the document was signed by Thomas Hooker and, stated that government is based on the individual citizens. It was written by puritan clergymen. The Mayflower Compact I what they signed for Constitution in North America and we have individual rights.