What's Up Wednesday

Chloe & Isabel by Split Pea Jewelry, February 3rd


I'm so excited to announce that I have the new Spring Lookbooks in my hot little hands! That, on top of two fantastic February specials and a brand new limited edition Bouquet capsule for Valentine's day, make for a great reason to shop with Chloe + Isabel this month. Split Pea Jewelry is ready to schedule a Pop Up for you and your friends for that special piece to take you into Spring/Summer 2016! Check out my Boutique on February 9th for the full collection. In the meantime, you'll have to schedule a meet up with me to take a gander through the latest Lookbook!

From Rome With Love - Spring/Summer Lookbook


Many of our customers were in a buying crazy over the Coastline collar from the Nordic Tale Fall/Winter catalog. It sold out quickly and has been in the secondary market at a very high demand. Chloe + Isabel designed this "merchandiser only" collection as an incentive for January sales - but now they've decided to open this piece up to customers for a limited time! Now available in my Boutique, but you'll need to take the plunge now in order to get yours!


Duck fat tater tots, UBER, Macklemore, Grand Ole Opry, boots, live music ... I could go on and on! My vacation to Nashville was epic! I traveled with my niece, Amanda, who lives in Eugene, OR. It was a trip we had been trying to plan for years. The laughing was constant. The jokes never-ending. The attempts at embarrassing each other was off the charts! There are too many inside jokes to count ... ya'll would be proud of my big adventure!

I'm not big on adventure, but I was amazed at how calm I was when I set out on my little trip. I made certain I wasn't rushed, I sat on park benches, if I had a thought about changing direction, I jumped at the chance. I spent my time looking at shops, parks, architecture, people. I listened to southern drawls and beautiful music. I smelled and tasted new foods and laughed at my bright idea of getting rid of my cold using whiskey. I lifted my face to the sunshine and got lots of rest.

I reckon women need a little time to set our minds at rest. Time when we only have 'us' to worry about. Time to enjoy a good laugh or a good book. Ignore time and set our own pace. If you can manage it, then bless your little heart, take some time for yourself! It's good for the soul and helps set the pace to jump back into the thick of it upon your return.