Christmas Holidays Around The World

Christmas in Brazil, India, South America


What is the biggest difference between Christmas in that country and Christmas in the United States? They use fireworks for decorations instead of just lights.


How do these people celebrate Christmas? They go to Midnight Mass or Missa do Galo. they eat a big dinner like we eat on thanksgiving.


Who brings gifts? Papai Noel (Father Noel) is the gift-bringer in Brazil.


How do they decorate? Decorations include fresh flowers picked from the garden. Fireworks go off in the skies over the cites and huge Christmas "trees" of electric lights can be seen against the night skies in major cities such as Brasilia, San Paolo, and Rio de Janeiro.


Are they any other holidays that are celebrated beside December 25? (For example,
any other dates in December or in January? NO


What foods are eaten in this country? Turkey, ham, colored rice, and wonderful vegetable and fruit dishes.