Weeks of May 2-20th

A Special "thank you" for ALL our staff!

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

The line from Mary Poppins come comes to mind ...this staff is "Practically Perfect in every way!" I love what we do here for kids! In light of Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to shout out my THANKS, APPRECIATION, and ADMIRATION! Thanks for all you do every day!

This week we have enjoyed treats on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and a pizza celebration on Friday for lunch! It's been a great week!

Educator Effectiveness Check In

Just a reminder for our staff members in their summative year and new staff that you will need to have a summative conference in May. This is when we will review forms, the documentation log, and finalize the process for the year. Please contact Di to schedule an appointment time for this conference. It may take 25-30 minutes.

A reminder to everyone else that we want all forms completed by the end of May for final approval. Thanks for your efforts and please let me know if you have any additional questions or need extra support.

Literacy Check In

I have heard some good feedback from the in-service learning last week. One of the district observations from last week was that there was high value in gathering as district, grade level teams. It sounds like the teams were able to have some good discussion. It also gets us excited about the Creation and Collaboration Days that we will have built into our schedule.


Teachers, just a reminder that you will be receiving a letter about this year's ASCEND rating on May 9th. Please feel free to talk to me about this rating before that time. Also, there will be a process to submit comments from the letter. Thank you for your patience as we go through this process.

Personalized Learning

We are continuing our focus on Personalized Learning! If you and your students are doing some creative things in the upcoming days, please let me know! :)

Little Library and Literacy Trail

We are going to be celebrating our Free Little Library on L Day for Little Library Launch. More details will be coming, but thank you to our first grade friends who are helping to coordinate this exciting event. Also, we are continuing conversations about pavement painting and learning spaces from two Eagle Boy Scouts. AND....we were just award a grant for $2,500 for the trail project and environmental education. Thanks to Sue and Paula for your help with this!

Library Night Cancellation and Reschedule

Thanks again for the feedback and flexibility in rescheduling the Weyers-Hilliard Library Night. When I spoke with the librarian we thought it would be nice to do a Summer Reading Program Kick Off here at Howard during the school day on Monday, June 6th. Please let me know your thoughts about this by email. Thanks for your input!

Keeping Safety a Priority - Please do not prop open doors

This is an exciting time of year with the nicer weather! As you take your students outside please remember to alert the office, AND bring your key pass. We should never prop open a doorway. We truly need all of us to practice safety for all students!

Weekly Schedule

Mon. May 9 - Moving' on Up 1 to 2;

Tuesday. May 10- PLC; Last day of Forward Test (4th)

Wed. May 11- All Staff PBIS; 1st grade field trip

Thurs. May 12- BLT; Staff Luncheon; Sweet Safari at the NEW Zoo

Fri. May 13- Tech Bytes

Mon. May 16- SRT

Tues. May 17- PLC

Wed. May 18- Staff Development; Little Library Launch/Assembly

Thurs. May 19- Service Team Leaders; Writer's Luncheon Names to Karen

Fri. May 20- Maker Space Team; 20 shirts; Early Release