Hey everyone this is Markcus 1/2 of Steven's best-man tandem. As we all know Steve and Miss Gibbs will be getting married soon, and it's up to the best man to fulfill the bachelors party. So with that being said I have planned an event that everyone can have fun and hangout. And let me apologize for not having strippers popping out of a cake, but I have been advised by Miss Gibbs that strippers aren't in Steve's best interests. I tried to pick the least expensive activities in which, we can still have tremendous fun. Hope everyone can make it. You can call me for more info directly: (757) 286-9774 or contact my email


Thursday, Oct. 17th 2013 at 1-5:30pm

2112 River Rd

Fayetteville, NC

The services will be conducted at Black Ops Paint-ball facility: FEE: $31.25 Per Person which includes 4000 paint-balls for the group (500 a piece). The Fee gives us access to private fields for a 4 hour period without the worry of playing with other experienced guests. All required paintball equipment is included with the exception of additional paint-balls. Additional paint-balls are available for purchase. There is also snacks and drinks available for purchase at the location.

Each Player will receive:

  • All Day Park Admission
  • All Day Compressed Air Fills
  • Semi Auto Paintball Marker
  • Full Face Safety Goggle
  • Compressed Air Tank
  • round loader

NOTE: These prices are determined by the attendance of all 8 groomsmen! I need to know by October 1st, if you plan on coming or not. You can give the payments to Steve before the date or you may also pay me when we meet up on the 17th. They will only accept cash there so if you are going to make payments or buy snacks bring cash, their ATM is suspect.


We will meet up at the location at 1: 00 pm that afternoon. We should be completed with the paintball around (5:00/5:30 )that afternoon. I will bring pizza hut pizza, or papa johns. Everyone will probably need to shower up at home or one of our places and meet back up at either KICKBACK JACKS Sports Bar at (7: 30). The only other option for this block is to cook out, so that may be subject to change. However, the Prices at this restaurant are quite reasonable, you probably won't need more than $15. That's a whole day of fun for under $50 bucks. That's cheaper than a movie date. Who needs strippers? We will more than likely meet up at Steve's house or my spot afterwards for a NBA2k/spades/madden tournament. Hope everyone can make it it out! I tried hard to be fair with finances and everyone's schedules!!

NOTE: Alcohol may or may not be supplied depending on what we end up doing. So it's best to (BYOB).