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CLASSROOM UPDATES: 12/2/15 - 12/11/15


Reading Unit: Elements of Fiction and Nonfiction

Focus: Putting it all together

Writing Unit: Investigative Journalism

Focus: Developing news-writing skills by observing the world around us.


Unit: Expressions and Functions (chapter 5)

Quiz Friday over quadratic function. Chapter test will be next Tuesday; the review will be on Monday.

Advanced Math

Unit: Linear Equations and their Graphs. This week we a working on parallel and perpendicular lines. There will be quiz on Friday. The chapter test will be next week. More information will be forthcoming.


Unit: The First 30 Elements

There will be a practice quiz on Friday. Student projects are also due on Friday. Chapter "real deal" quiz will be next Tuesday. Students will then move on to rocks and minerals.


Unit: Towards Independence

Essential Questions: When is it necessary for citizens to rebel against their government?

Students have learned about the early acts the King imposed against colonists, and will be learning about others that move the colonies towards independence. Students are also taking on the roles of historical figures and debating whether or not to rebel against England. The chapter test is tentatively scheduled for 12/15.


The following teachers are available before or after school for students who need extra assistance:

Ms. Barkho: Monday and Tuesday until 4:30pm, Thursdays by appointment

Ms. Cathey: Monday through Friday until 4:30pm

Mr. Krankowski: By appointment

Mr. Lorentzen: Mornings beginning at 7:15am

Mrs. McDaniel: Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until 4:30pm

Mr. Mudd: Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:30pm

Mr. Pearcy: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until 4:30pm

**There will be no tutoring available on the third Wednesday of each month as the teachers will be participating in Staff Meetings.


Please make sure your student is charging his or her Chrome book at night so they are prepared to work in the morning. Thanks!

Also, there is NO SCHOOL next Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pack the House for Girls Basketball

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 5pm

403 East 10th Street

Fulton, MO

Come show your support of the FMS girls basketball team! We want fans in the stands, so if you haven't made it to a game this year, this is the one to attend!

Glow Night Dance

Friday, Dec. 11th, 7-9pm

403 East 10th Street

Fulton, MO

The winter dance is (almost!) here! Cost is $3.00, and concessions will be available for sale.

Pack the House for Boys Basketball

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 6pm

403 East 10th Street

Fulton, MO

Show your support for our boys basketball team by packing the house full of FMS fans! Come cheer for these great athletes!


Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 12am to Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 12am

403 East 10th Street

Fulton, MO

Student Council is having its annual Spirit Link sale to support Special Olympics! Each year, Fulton Middle School challenges Mexico Middle School to see who can raise the most money for this terrific organization. For a mere $0.25 (or five for $1.00), your student can purchase a link in a spirit chain. Whichever school has the longest chain (and thus raises the most money for Special Olympics), wins the competition. Mexico has beaten FMS in this fundraising activity the past two years, and it's time to take back the winning title!