Digital Citizenship

social media Sophie W


Cyberbullying is a type of bullying but on technonogical devices. It causes many deaths each year. Cyberbullying is gossiping, spreading rumors, mean words, insults, threats, lies, teasing, hate messages and many more. If you or anyone you know is being cyberbullied you can contact kids helpeline or eheadspace.



Treat others like you would wont to be treated. If you dont like the way someone talks to you dont do it back to them. Two wrongs dont make a right. Tell your parents or another adult if you feel uncomfortable, sad or scared about anything you have seen online. Try be an example to younger people. need help? vist here-

Online safety

Make sure that on line you dont give too much personal information for example, your birthday,your address, your full name, what school you go to and never where you going. make sure your account is on private and that you only have friends that are people you know in real life and can trust. for more infomation vist the Cybersmart website.