come to palmira

the hotest city of colombia

what is the city like?

It´s located on the sourt wets of colombia. Is a city very populated. is a city very hot and there are swinming pool. Palmira is a city where there are farm enterprise. i like for it´s publics univercity, there ara more that in cali, a city more big.


there is one nature reserve. is´t called "Reserva Natural Nirvana". it´s an hour and half away from the urban edge of the city. there is one big park called "parque del azucar. it's thirty minutes from the centre of the city. there are many green areas for spreading, for example the "el parque del bosque", is very big. there are two stadiums. they are called "estadio palmaseca" and "estadio rivera escobar", the best is the stadium "rivera escobar".


sugar cane: this is a plant which is cultivated

pandebono: this is a dought with chesse wihich is baked.

ganaderia: these are animals which are sacrifice


fair " de la caña": these are days when people sposed the tradition of Palmira. this celebration is carried out from 24th form March to 26th of March.

hotel de la caña

How many parking are there in Cali?

There is one.

How many on site bar are there?

There is one

How many cars are there in the road?

There are a few cars

How much Wi-Fi is there?

There is a lot of Wi-Fi.

How much comfort is there?

There is some wind

How much smoke is there in the air?

There is a bit of smoke

price to hotel

how much is a suit?

it is eighty dollars per day and sixty pounds and seventy six.

how much is a bedrooms ?

it is forty dollars per nigth, thirty pounds and 38 euros.

how much is a penthouse?

it is twenty four dollars per hour, eighteen pounds and twenty two euros eight cents

things you can do in the hotel

you can go to swimming pool. you have pay ten dollars . you don´t have to bring food.

you can go to party on the night. you have wear of white. you don't to bring liquer.


go a long for the street twenty seven from the stadium, go to the cornner it´s on the left for avenue twenty nine, go to the corner it´s in the right and go middle of the street.
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