BHMS Parent Update

August 17th, 2020

Schedule Error Link

Students schedules are live today. We know as hard as we try to catch all the errors, we know we will miss things with in the schedule. If you notice any errors or something doesn't look right, please use the follow google form to bring it to our attention.

Link for Google Form

One thing you may notice is two teachers in an ELA or math class in the same period. This is a co-taught class and two teachers are assigned to one class. This is not an error.

Schedule for parents

Below you will see a schedule and LINKED is the schedules that we will be following for remote learning. The day will be in periods of 90 minute blocks of time. August 24th will be Day 1 and it will alternate Day 1 and Day 2. We have two different days in order to get all of our courses in a two day period. Students will be expected to work though out the day, however, they are NOT going to be on a zoom calls for 90 minutes. We will be working to provide a lot more small group instruction with in the 90 minute blocks of time.

Please use your child's schedule on Skyward to idcompare when a child will be on for the remote learning schedule.

Ex. Period 1 on Skyward schedule starts at 7:40, however, Period 1 on the remote learning schedule starts at 9am. Students will follow the times from the remote learning schedule.

Advance class letters will be sent out this week. I apologize for the late notice.

Click images to go to google sheet

Remote Learning Schedule Video 1
Day 1 Day 2 Calendar

Please use this calendar so you are able to see which days are day 1 and day 2.

Chromebook and School Supply Pick up.

If your child has not received their chromebook from testing or it isn't being delivered this week we are scheduling supply pick up this Thursday and Friday.

If you ordered supplies from PTO, you can also pick these up at this time as well. We will also provide BHMS agendas for students. If you only need an agenda you may pull through the line and collect one for your child.

We are NOT currently distributing text books or reading books. We will be utilizing APEX and IMAGINE for our learning platforms. If we decide we need to deliver these books to houses we will visit this as we move forward.

Thursday and Friday

9:30-11:30 AM


Please pull into the BHMS entrance off Nippersink and pull into the front circle drive. We will be running all supplies out of the Activity Entrance by the cafeteria.

Please use the following TEMPLATE SIGN so we will be able to locate supplies easier. You will need to go into your child's schedule and find their 7th period teacher. Please post this in your car window.

7th and 8th Grade Electives

We will be moving away from the proposed plan of introducing new courses and curriculum for our electives department. Last Spring we introduced new course and curriculum that would expand our elective offerings for 7th and 8th graders. With going remote, we came to the conclusion that we would not be as successful at rolling out these new courses in our current situation. We are hopeful to try again next school year.