Raising Awareness


Defined as having difficulties with social interactions, verbal and nonverbal communication, and expressing repetitive behaviors, autism is a disorder that is usually pushed under the table instead of being discussed (Autism Speaks). Signs of autism may begin to develop as early as eight months old, when a child does not respond to their name or express emotions appropriate to a situation. Those with autism usually have a hard time predicting the actions or words of others and take words literally, not understanding how else they could be conceived. Repetition of the words of others, or one's own actions and words is likely to occur when one has autism as well.

There is Always Hope


Many of those with Autism attend speech therapy to help them with their possible speech delays (Autism Speaks). They may also attend therapy to help them walk and interact with others (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). However, some need to live independently or go to special homes to keep a stead routine in their daily lives (NIMH).

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