She's the...Twelfth Night?

by Kayla Van De Flier

Low Comedy

  • In She's the Man, one example of low comedy is the "Tampon Scene". in this scene Viola gets caught by Duke with tampons and has to explain why she has them.

  • In The Twelfth Night an example of low comedy is when Malvolio wears the yellow stockings, " Malvolio: 'Remember who commended thy yellow stockings,'- Olivia: Thy Yellow stockings!'"
  • In both situations there is humor in the situations. Since we laugh at the people, this is low comedy.

Farce Comedy

In She's the Man and The Twelfth Night Viola's identity is mistaken for a male.

  • She's the Man: Viola gets called Sebatian by Monique because of her "lack of curves".
  • Twelfth Knight: "Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become..."
  • These mistaken identities are examples of farce comedy.

Comedy of Ideas

  • In She's the Man when Justin asks Viola to "be a girl for 5 seconds" this is making fun of ones sex , making it comedy of manners.
  • The scene in the play when Orsino tells Cesario that a women cannot love as much as a man because their heart isn't as big is gender based comedy, making it comedy of ideas.

Comedy of Manner

  • In She's the Man when "Sebastian" breaks up with Monique, it is an example of comedy of manners because he puts down Monique and doesn't care about her feelings.
  • In the play Viola puts down Clown by saying, "Art thou not the Lady Olivia's fool?". This is an example of comedy of manner because Viola is making fun of Clown.

Twelfth NIght

  • Viola is disguised as Cesario
  • Maria replaces Eunice
  • Toby is Olivia's uncle
  • Malvolio is a person
  • Sebastian is thought to be dead
  • Viola and Duke get married

She's the Man

  • Viola is disguised as Sebastian
  • She is disguised so she can play soccer
  • Malvolio is a spider
  • Toby is Dukes teammate
  • Sebastian is in London


  • All the names are similar
  • Viola falls in love with Duke
  • Olivia falls in love with Sebastian
  • the quote "...but be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em."
  • All levels of comedy are shown in both the movie and the play.