Author Study

Edgar Allen Poe

Who was Poe? What was his life like?

Poe was an author and a poet. He wrote many famous poems and one novel. Poe's life was very interesting he was born to two travailing actors both his parents died shortly after his birth. He was taken in by the Allen family. He grew very close to Mrs. Allen but Mr. Allen and Poe never really meshed. Mr.Allen always pushed Poe to be a buissness man like himself. Poe knew from a young age that he wanted to be a writer

What role did sickness play in his life?

Sickness played a major role in his like. Poe felt like he was cursed with TB. His mother died of the illness when he was four. His adopted mother fell to the illness when he was around 24. Once he got married, his wife fell to TB on the same date his mother did. Poe's life was a large part of his life.

When was Poe's first work published? What was his most significant work?

Poe's first work was published on May 26, 1827. This was published shortly after he enlisted in the army. He entitled this work Tamerlane and other poems. This was certainly not his most successful work but it kick-started his major career. Poe's most significant work is often thought to be The Raven.Though he wrote many poems The Raven was most successful in his life time. It was about the death of his wife.

Why did Poe's poems and story's have such dark themes?

It is a fact that all of Poe's works have a common thread of dark themes. Many of his works speak of death and loss and tragedy. Many people wonder why he would have been inspired to write such eerie tales. Most people believe this is due to all the loss he experienced. Almost everyone Poe loved died in a tragic way. Is it possible that he just liked to write eerie tales? I suppose we will never know for sure.

How did Poe die?

No one really has the answer of how Poe died. He was missing for a few days then found miles from his home wearing clothes that didn't belong to him. Poe was found dead a few days later. Some speculate that alcohol played a part in his mysterious death.

Edgar Allen Poe's impact on the world? What genre do Poe's story's fall into?

Poe is often thought t be the father of the mystery novel. Poe's books are considered classics through the world. Poe's themes have influenced many other authors and poets. Although Poe's books were not regarded as classics in his life time, his books have forever left their mark on american literature. Poe's works usually fall in to the mystery and horror genre. His story's also include themes of tragedy.


In conclusion Poe's life was very sad and tragic, but the story's he wrote have pioneered literature. His works are classic that will not soon be forgotten.