Weekly Wildcat News for Families

Week of January 30- Feb. 3

This Week:

Monday - Deadline to register for American Heart Association project

Tuesday - Guest speaker from American Heart Association during special classes

Wednesday - 5th grade NPAC Trip

Thursday - '

Friday - 3rd Nine Weeks Interim Ends


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EastView Book Club - SEE FORM

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Spring Picture Day is FEBRUARY 9th - Individual and Class Group Photo

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Your GSIA is excited about an amazing second semester! Thank you for supporting the EastView Frosty Festival and helping us raise $3653.73. We hope to grow this each year with your help!! Our local businesses, parents, grandparents, and extended families showed up for our Wildcats!!

EastView GSIA is extremely thankful for our School Board and the vision they provide for the Greeneville City School System. Upcoming events to look forward to are:

o Candygrams

o Valentine Day Parties

o ReadAThon

o Literacy Night (March)

o End of the Year Celebration

Sign Up by Monday, January 30th

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INCLEMENT WEATHER PLAN - Read in case of future weather

Below is the plan for GCS for when bad weather occurs:

The decision to close schools or delay opening due to snow or icy conditions is sometimes a difficult one to make but can be aided by having an effective plan in place.

When bad weather occurs, we will make every effort to announce our plans for the day by 6:00 a.m. Unfortunately, a one- or two-hour delay in opening may be necessary to give additional time for streets to improve or to study the weather a little longer.

Following are the procedures we will follow:

Closings and/or Delays

Step 1:

We will begin to examine streets at 4:00 am. The police department, emergency management agency, weather bureau(s), highway patrol, and others will be contacted as deemed necessary.

Step 2:

If there is a concern regarding streets and/or parking lots, the Director of Schools will be notified by 5:00 a.m. At that time, a meeting will be convened at the Central Office (Phone communication may be substituted for this meeting as appropriate or necessary).

Step 3:

Our options will normally be to close for the day or to open one or two hours late; late openings will be subject to review at 7:00 am (one-hour delay) or 8:00 a.m. (two-hour delay) prior to buses beginning their routes.

Early Dismissal

Step 1:

A decision will be made as quickly as possible in order to ensure the safety of the children, parents, and staff.

Step 2:

When possible, a 30-minute notice will be given to the transportation department to give time for drivers to reach their buses and begin routes.

Step 3:

As soon as a decision is made, schools and media outlets will be notified. Parents will be informed that children may be picked up before buses run. High school students that drive will be dismissed immediately.

Step 4:

If conditions allow, Greeneville High School and Greeneville Middle School students will be picked up and taken home first by the buses. Following the middle school and high school routes, elementary routes will be run. Information will be provided via the SwiftK12 message if it this procedure is altered in any way.


Decisions about early dismissal and the following school day will be made as soon as possible. Parents and staff to check the radio, TV stations, or our web site rather than call the school or central office.

Decisions will be released to the media as soon as they are made.

Greeneville City Schools closing and delayed opening information may be heard on any of the following radio and television stations (The information will also be posted on our web site at www.gcschools.net ).


WGRV/WSMG 1340/1450 AM, and 103.1 FM, 101.5 FM


The school system’s emergency notification system (Swift K-12) will be used to notify employees and parents of closings, delays, and dismissals as an additional method of communication.

Parents are reminded that when schools are on a one- or two-hour delay, there is a possibility that school could still be called off for the entire day. Therefore, parents should not drop children off at school until the appropriate starting time.

On days when students are released early, decisions may require immediate action; therefore, parents are asked to have a plan in place so that children know where to be delivered by bus or who will be picking them up. This will alleviate concern on the part of the children and allow school phone lines to remain open for emergencies.

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Important: Please make sure all emergency contacts are up to date.

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Click LINK for tickets

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Healthy Tips from our Nursing Department


Drinking water everyday is important for your health. Along with milk, plain water is the best drink choice for kids. It has zero calories, no added sugar and can prevent dehydration. In order to stay well hydrated, children ages 4 and up need 5-8 cups of water daily. This can vary depending on activity level and the climate in which you live. Drinking sugary drinks can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It is important to limit any sugary drinks, juice, flavored milk, and artificially sweetened drinks. Signs of dehydration are dry lips, less or dark urination, irritability, headache and flushed skin. Adequate hydration may improve cognitive function in children and adolescents. Always having a water bottle on hand helps choose water over other sugary drinks. Another tip to help students drink more water is to add lemon and lime or other fruit to add flavor to the water. Reference: https://www.cdc.gov/healthyschools/npao/wateraccess.htm

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Safety Reminder

Do not pass in the areas where kids load and unload in the front and back car lines. A few students do use the left sides of the car. If possible, please have your child unload and load in the right side as to avoid any moving traffic.

Cafeteria Charges

Reminder to be sending in lunch money or use the online payment system to prevent charges.

Breakfast/Lunch Menus

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EastView Moments: Follow us on Twitter

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