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Even though the specific numbers for November were not as high as October, due to fewer days being open, the average each day increased. The library worked with 3711 students during this month in a variety of capacities. That’s an average of 232 students a day that received library services from Kathy or me.


Completed a new research project with 7th grade Spanish teachers during this month. Students needed to research a famous person of Spanish descent. Their note cards needed to be in Spanish and their presentations were also in Spanish. Many of the students had just completed research about a person that persevered while others had that research coming in their very near future. I had students do most of the teaching. I asked questions of the classes and students had to answer and demonstrate their knowledge to help review and teach students that hadn’t researched yet this year.

ELA lab had a lesson on parenthetical documentation where students add documentation to my report. They need to work in groups and use note cards and source cards (just like they will do themselves) in order to complete the task.

A wonderful research surprise came this month. Students wrote a research rap and created a video to show how much fun research can be! Definitely a highlight this month!

Click the link below to log into Safari Montage and view the video. TURN UP THE VOLUME!

Author Visit

We were awarded $1200 for the author visit from BSEF. We do need to find a way to raise travel and food money, $150-$600. We don’t have a set amount because she may have moved closer to New York by then. So, we are aiming for the $600. I did send her an email so we can decide on a date and firm up plans. The tentative dates are May 4-15 while avoiding May 7. We do not need to pay for lodging because she will be staying with her mom in Malta. We saved some money in that department!

Conference and Workshop

Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Struffolino and I have put together a proposal for the SLMS conference April 30-May 2 centering on research and collaboration. We’ve called it, “Rockin’ The Research.” They have received our proposal and will let us know mid-December.

SS framework workshop days were very beneficial to me as I was able to review and work with the standards. They are very similar to ELA’s but with a historical curriculum. Something that would have made those workshops more meaningful was having one of our SS teachers at each session. There were times when we would talk and collaborate about how this would look in the classroom and that time could have been spent developing future projects. I would like to meet with SS teachers to make sure we are on the same page with the standards and set up times to collaborate. As an aside, there are specific references to having proper documentation within the standards. Those SS teachers that require it and make a point of it being on their rubric are ahead of the game! The ones that tell students they don’t need it and they can leave it off will not be in compliance with the standards. Go parenthetical documentation!