Graphic Designer

By: Clarissa

What they do.

A graphic designer creates visual concepts either by hand or computer. However it's more common on the computer because of how easy it is. Graphic Designers make layouts and production designs for many things. Graphic designers must be creative in order to do the things they do.
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Work Enviroment & How to become one

Graphic designers are specialized in design services, publishing, advertising, public relations, and related services industries. To become a Graphic Designer you must get a bachelor's degree in graphic design or related field. They also must demonstrate creativity. The more you study in this field the better.
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Sessions 1 and 2 (pitsco/01synergy)

In session 1, I learned to make a stop-motion movie. To do this we used a webcam to take pictures. In every picture shot we have to move the character a little bit, then take a picture. we take enough pictures to make a video. In session 2, we took two pictures and we had to morph them into different things.
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Sessions 3 and 4 (pitsco/01synergy)

In session 3, we had to make a movie using animation software. And we learned to use primitive objects into an empty space. In session 4, we learned to use primitive objects, and learn how to make objects move.

Session 5 and 6 (pitsco/01synergy)

In session 5, I learned how to modify a animation and add more objects to the animation. In session 6, I learned to make a 3D text logo and make it move.

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Pay: $44,150 per year

$21.22 per hour

Job Outlook: 7% slower than average

Similar Occupations: Art Directors, Multimedia artists and animators.

Contacts for more info:


-Graphic Artists Guild

-National Association of school of Art and Design


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