Creating the magazine advert:

Using photoshop to create the magazine advert:

Magazine Advert:

The magazine advert was a tough process. But because i've done my research, I found it easier in terms of layering out images and the composition. I decided to use the same picture which is used in the inside covers, with also the same effect. My target audience will enjoy the way the magazine ad is set out, as it's fun, and will attract many people from my target audience. It also fits in with the POP genre. As the use of colour is communicated visually.
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Magazine advert inspiration:

In terms of where my design came from, it came form Jessy J's magazine ad. I liked how there was a strong image of her, looking towards the camera- having a direct view with the audience, and I also like the way the font is layered out. It's strong and captivating. All the information is written bellow, and is clear, making it easier for the customer to read.

(Final magazine advert)

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Final magazine ad:

As you can see, the final touches have been added, including the iTunes, and google play logo. This makes it look more like an magazine ad. I managed to add the artist website as well as record company website- which is also used in most magazine adverts. I feel like this magazine advert will attract our target audience mostly females due to the use of colours. This will help sales of albums and will get our artist well known.