Information on the horrible disease

What Hiv and AIDS stand for...

H - Human: because this virus can only infect human beings.
I - Immuno-deficiency: because the effect of the virus is to create a deficiency, or a failure to work properly, within the body's immune system.
V - Virus: because this organism is a virus, which means one of its characteristics is that it is incapable of reproducing by itself. It reproduces by taking over the machinery of the human cell.

A - Acquired: because it is a condition one must acquire or get infected with; not something transmitted through the genes
I - Immune: because it affects the body's immune system, the part of the body which usually works to fight off germs such as bacteria and viruses
D - Deficiency: because it makes the immune system deficient (makes it not work properly)
S - Syndrome: because someone with AIDS may experience a wide range of different diseases and opportunistic infections

What does it do?

They attack your T-cells in your body. Thus it will give you some very horrible symptoms. Trust me you don't want have this disease!

Origins and how it spreads

Scientists think this terrible disease started to infect humans when a man in Africa was hunting and found a chimpanzee. He killed the chimpanzee and during the process he cut himself. Now with his blood and the chimpanzees in contact this was the prime time for the virus to transfer to the human. The man then spread it to the other people in the village when he did some things at night with a female. After 2 people were infected by the disease the disease just kept spreading like wildfire. Pretty soon it reached the United States.So the next time you are near a chimpanzee watch your back!!!

How do I protect myself and are there any cures?

There are currently no cures for these diseases. But the best thing to do is to protect yourself before,during,and after doing the act of reproducing. Scientists have developed many was in doing so. Be sure to check out some scientific websites on the subject.