James Cash Penney

By: Isaiah Michael Gross

Who Was?

James Cash Penney was a big impact on the world in many ways. James was born on a farm near Hamilton, Missouri. James was the 7th to 12 kids born to James Cash Penney Senior. In 1898, James married a beautiful lady named Berta Alva Hess. James Cash Penney was a businessman and owned a line of stores called J.C. Penney. James retired in 1917 while his stores kept growing.

What Did He Do?

James was a businessman and owned his own store. In 1897, James had to move to a warmer climate because of Tuberculosis. In 1898, James opened a Butcher Shop in Longmont, Colorado. However, the shop failed. In late 1898, James went to work at the Golden Rule Stores with Guy Johnson and Thomas Callahan.

Impact On The World...

Within a year if James’ career, he already owned 2 J.C. Penney stores. In 1971, 1,660 J.C. Penney stores BOASTED in North America. J.C. Penney stores rank 118th best company in the US. Sadly, James died that same year of old age. He was 95.

Should We Be More Like Him?

James was very nice to his customers and accepted ‘Cash Only.’ He also believed in the Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.