LV Technology

Toni Williams

Typing Web

- Typing will help us for a lot of jobs.

- We do a 5 minute typing web everyday to help us get better and type faster.

- It helped me with my typing.

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- We made an iTrailer about ourselves.

- It helped us learn how to put different pictures and different titles.

- iTrailer is just for fun or you can use it for many classes.

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Career Locker

- Career Locker helped us figure out what jib we want to do when we get older.

- We browsed what colleges we want to go to.

- There were tests on Career Locker that we took.

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Haiku Deck

- We made a presentation on what we want to do when we get older.

- On Haiku Deck you can make a presentation on almost anything.

- Haiku Deck is an app that you can get on almost every apple product.

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Explain Everything

- You can do math problems or anything on Explain Everything.

- On Explain Everything you can record yourself saying and showing how you do your problem.

- Explain Everything teaches you how to do many different things to help you present what you are doing.

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Hour Of Code

-Hour of code helps you learn how some people set up apps that we play.

-You get to set up your own games.

- There is different characters you can play as to help complete your missions.

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Email Etiquette

- Email Etiquette helps you to send emails.

- On Email Etiquette it teaches you how to send emails better.

- You need to know how to send good emails for a lot of jobs.