Featuring Jie

The start

My Digital Dossier probably started before when I was born. My parents probably started to text everyone about my birth. I probably left my digital footprints even when I don't realize it, but sometimes I leave my footprints intentionally. One thing I do know is my Digital Dossier is filling up every day and will continue until I'm dead or even after I'm dead!

Ways to leave a Digital Footprint

My Expanding Digital Dossier

The ways that I expand my Digital Dossier is to leave a Digital footprint. You can leave a digital footprint by going online to do things. Here is some examples of way I expand My Digital dossier by leaving a digital footprint:

Checking my email ( shows history )

Playing online games

Downloading loading games, movies , apps etc

Watching a Youtube video

Commenting on social media sites( Facebook, Twitter, Google hangouts etc).

Using Smore and Etc

My Digital Dossier will keep expanding until I‘m dead or after I’m dead!

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Here is a video about Digital Dossiers

Youth and Media - Digital Dossier