Visual Pollution

and why you should fight the power

What is Visual pollution?

What is Visual pollution? did you ask yourself that while reading the title? Well visual pollution is when we see beautiful scenery, which is blocked by tens, or even hundreds of objects, which give no value / help towards a community, town, city, etc it is placed in, in other words, a con to everyone except the person/corporation that has put up the object
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prime examples of visual pollution

Why Is it a big Issue?

While many just ignore it, this is why you should take action with many others. In the future, you want your children to explore as many nature's beautiful world wonders, like the grand canyon, or even wonderful beautiful Royal gorge in Colorado, but how will they be able to when there's billboards, signs everywhere telling them to buy this, buy that, vote for him, vote for her? shouldn't mainstream advertising be directed to couch potatoes who don't have the energy to get their lazy butts up and enjoy, drive around the beautiful scenery? why should your children's day off be ruined by large boxy signs telling them how to live their life and not the guy watching TV?
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The Threat It poses to drivers

The picture above clearly shows how billboards have morphed from just normal signs telling helpful information or at least some information that maybe once helpful in life, but billboards don't need to be this big, clearly it can easily cause a distraction to the driver and passengers also, cause a lot of damage. For example, it could be just the normal fourteen feet high by forty-eight feet wide or the smaller less distracting ten and a half feet high by thirty-six feet wide billboards, but no, Adidas wanted every driver to know, that they have their brand has their logo on the FIFA world cup official ball and the jerseys for every professional player out there. What could be worse than this? The only thing that could be worse than that is the sign is blocking and destroyed beautiful greenery in the back.
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What could possibly be more stupid about the waste of space on this billboard? The company that designed the ad.

How To fight The power of Billboards

We can always fight the bigger man when we join together as a team. The way we can fight evil companies and their billboards by proposing a new bill, no billboards in sight from any highway or any protected greenery, no bill boards blocking any greenery from any point of view and billboards are only aloud mildly populated public access roads, no where near private residential properties and Motels

By Pavanjit Dhunna and Mohammed Khan