Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

May 3, 2016

So much to do, so little time.

As you can see from the "up coming events," May is jam packed with events. One of the unusual events is today's concert. Our Pre-K through 3rd grade students will be having a concert today at 2pm. We have day time concerts sometimes in order to assure all students get a chance to perform. Not all families can make it back to school in the evenings and so some are left out. Our intermediate grade concert will be tomorrow, May 4, at 6:00pm. I hope to see you at one or both of the concerts.

One other day time event is our field day on the last day of school. If you can volunteer to run a station for the kids during field day, please contact Mr. Halsey 260-1345, and he will sign you up.

It is difficult to keep kids focused during the last few days of school but the Tustumena staff do an outstanding job of keeping everyone working right up to the last bell. Please help out by communicating the importance of finishing to your children. Thank you.


Doug Hayman


Call today 260-1345 Yearbook

The order goes in tomorrow for our yearbooks, so if you have not ordered yours, please call Mrs. Mills today. Thanks.

Upcoming events


3- K-3 Concert - 2pm

4- Early Release 2:05 pm

4- 4-6 grade concert 6:00 pm

5 - Kindergarten Visitation

5- Title One Family Night - 3:40-5pm

5- Wax Museum - 9:30- 12:00

6- 6th grade to Skyview 9:30am


9- Lynx Track Field trip (Hopkins/Fowler Ninilchik)- Pre K stay for lunch

10- Lynx Track Field trip (Blossom, Ninilchik)- Pre K stay for lunch

11- Salmon Celebration- Lynx track (Mills, Werner, Nikiski)

12- Lynx track (Gossett/Michael, Bosick, Nikiski)

13- K-1 to Soldotna, Field trip to Library, Fire Station, and Park

13- Sixth grade float trip

16- End of Year Assembly -10am

16- 6th Grade Graduation - 2pm

17- 6th Grade Egg drop and bridge demo- 10:00am

17- K-3 to Johnson Lake- 11am

17- Talent Show - 2pm

18 - Field Day 9:30am - BBQ lunch- Report Cards Home- Student last day

19- Teacher In-Service and check out

Health Tip from Mrs. Abel

“Taking kids grocery shopping is a great way to teach functional math and literacy (e.g. how to budget, compare costs, use coupons, write a list, and read labels). The grocery store also provides us with the chance to practice and model social skills and self-control, to learn about different foods and cultures, and to discuss advertising, labeling and making healthy choices.”

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