Nathan McFarland, DEAN HESSON PERIOD 7

There are 11 stars in scorpius. One of the stars are called Antares. Pretty much Greeks and Romans live on the land of Scorpius. its visible from Oct23-Nov.21.


Scorpius is responsible for the death of Orion.

The Myth

The pair battled and the scorpion killed Orion. However, the contest was apparently a lively one that caught the attention of the king of the gods Zeus, who later raised the scorpion to heaven and afterwards, at the request of Artemis, did the same for Orion to serve as a reminder for mortals to curb their excessive pride. There is also a version that Orion was better than the goddess Artemis but said that Artemis was better than he and so Artemis took a liking to Orion.