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media literate

Media literacy is about the ethics of language arts spread throughout the world by social media. It important to know this because it is happening right now as I type this. Media means technology and it relates to media literacy because people from around the world read. Although some people do not like to read books, the media makes it more fun for those kind of people. For instance some people like hard copies of books and others, who may hate reading, may find it better to read online. The media makes it easier for literacy because you can easily transfer books to another state through the internet and we can communicate through words and writing. We need media literate people in this world to communicate new improvements about reading and writing. Being media literate means being updated on what the media is trying to encourage to other people. Being Literate is having knowledge on reading and understanding. Someone who is Media literate knows how to convey people about a book or about an article using technology. Literature is universal and it is important that we know what we are reading and why. In todays society it is important to have media literate people because we are starting to communicate with other countries using better technology, that can change the language in which you typed it in. The only way advertisements and books get seen around the world is through media. For instance, the news. When the news shows a new item, it is important to find the right words to get the item out there, and the news or “media” will make it known.

views on social media

This Unit on Social Media has brought up a lot of problems that I haven’t even thought about. Social media is an ongoing issue all over the world. Social media has helped many organizations and has brought a lot of people together. I think social media has messed up our brains, but for some people have made them smarter. Using social media can make you think something you would probably won’t think about on a day to day basis. Social media can make one smarter by trying to understand a certain situation going on in the world. As a whole, social media is actually useful for understanding, communication, and interpreting anything and everything around the world. Although some countries see our media, and think bad about our country, they don’t see the good in our country. Looking ahead in 10 years, I see our pre-school generation being smart with and without technology. By growing up with the newest technology they can be smart with the technology and make even better things to sell. For example they just came out with a new car that can park itself. I feel like the more technology we get the lazier we become. Some adults are so attached to social media that their families are torn apart by it. You also have to be carful what you put on social media, for instance like for Facebook. You may not like your co-workers so you might post something bad about them on social media. This has gotten people fired from their job, and has made it harder for them to get another job. In 10 years more and more people will not have jobs because of technology taking over the job industries. Social media has already had a big impact all over the world, so In 10 years social media will be the key factor in everything we do. We can already learn from social media, communicate through social media, and observe certain things from social media. If social media were to expand any bigger than it already is i would be surprised.

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Doritos Super Bowl 50 Commercial 2016 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist Ultrasound Video Topic

In the Doritos commercial “Doritos Super Bowl 50 Commercial 2016 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist Ultrasound” (2016), by Mollie Hemingway, a film maker, humorously shows how good a Dorito is and lightly demonstrates abortion. Hemingway illuminates this message by having the unborn baby follow the Dorito from outside the womb. Using present day controversy to bring up abortion and to use an unborn baby in the women's womb. Hemingway’s idea for the commercial is for the new up coming families, because kids, and adults love Doritos, as seen in the commercial. A lot of people use Doritos as a party snack.

Doritos Ultrasound Commercial

We are A Nation of Proles

Our society is like the Proles described in the novel 1984. All in all we, as a nation, we live the same way. The basic structure of the passage is the American lifestyle, as we know it today. We go through the same patterns in our day-to-day actions. We are born, grow up, get jobs, get married, have kids, and die.

Our death may be different in present day because we do not die at sixty, but rather retire. Nothing has change and will change about that. We are not that controlled because we can choose our own jobs and chose what to do with our own money. Just like in Orwell, they are watched and have restrictions on things they can do or cannot do. In today’s society we have police that watch us, we also have laws that we have to obey by.

We are not as free as we think. In the novel, the Proles, a people who are taken advantage of by the Party because of their ignorance can reflect the lives of many people in today’s society. The passage that Orwell wrote, explaining how the proles live, is the American lifestyle, as we know it. A Prole’s lifestyle would be, working from their short years of life, from birth to their death. Each of our lives is a cycle and we are all trapped in our own daily tasks.

1984 relates to present day because many things control us. Things such as social media, and the news, and anything that we hear that sounds appealing to us. If there is something important going on in the world, like the election, social media may cut out some parts of someone’s speech to make them sound bad or good. In 1984 the people try to convince, say or make the Proles do something to make them believe that big brother is the greatest. In today’s society, they do that with social media.

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We all love entertainment. Each year we get to experience more and new types of entertainment. It is safe to say we use entertainment sometimes as a way to get out of some situations. Like the commercial above, people over exaggerate, and they want other people to watch it, to be on a certain side. Its like a game. Back in the old days the form of “entertainment” was game-like. In which people would come and watch others be killed or harassed. Pointless entertainment is okay sometimes, when people want to be distracted from something or they want to learn something new. If people watch pointless entertainment all the time, everything would be fake, and they will not even know it. They would be so used to watching pointless and unreal situations, that when the real situation comes up, they would not know how to properly handle it. Huffpost said in the article, “Instead of playing coy and trying to avoid the cam, Schumer and Rose locked lips and gave us one of the most memorable moments of the night.” This shows you how much people love attention. For this situation, one is enough. Sometimes the entertainment does to much, to make society happy. Anyone could make a TV show and put it on air. Entertainment could be good to watch. Entertainment can show us how people really feel about things. It can show us how people interact with others about different situations. There are different kinds of entertainment. Some entertainment makes us forget the bad times. Other entertainment makes us remember the sad moments in life, and makes us do bad things. Entertainment could be good for example, like The Ellen show, Ellen has brought people on her show that has inspired other people.

smore #7

The media literacy course I took this year was very fun. This class helped me gain better knowledge about myself and the way I think. Looking on my past smore entries, I gained knowledge about the whole topic of the media and the world with it, not just a little portion. I didn’t just write about one topic and be done, I wrote about a topic and expanded the views on that topic. This course made me think of the world in a different way, by watching CNN and by reading the book 1984. For my first smore entry, talking about media literacy, I still agree on what I wrote, but now reading my first entry, media literacy has changed in a way in which media literacy is not just media its self, its talking to. It is expanding your mind, and thinking new things. I learned how to broaden my ideas on things such as, the world’s ideas, people’s ideas, and my ideas. In this class I also learned about doublethink. It was hard to understand at first but when we did activates about it, I understood it more clearly. Some things I am taking away from this is class is, the thoughts on today’s society. This class is different from other language arts classes because, in other language arts classes we would focus on writing or comprehension. Other classes were stricter than this class, this class had a teacher that can actually related to the students, and help them get through things they were struggling with. In the future, to make this class better, I would be cool, if they did more drawing activities, and projects. I think that doing big assignments will help a student to remember it more, than just by writing down facts or worksheets.

smore #8

“We have an unhealthy relationship with our technology; instead of what it was originally designed for, it has more than often led us to become disconnected with the world and the people around us.” This has already become a permanent reality. We rely on our phones so much, anybody could agree on that. I don’t think we could have ever stop our society from social media. Social media had grown on our society, and people love it. It can lead to be a good thing or a bad thing. Our world is constantly growing with different ideas. If we tried to stop it, yes, things would be better. if we let social media grow, I think nothing would change about the way we view it, except the fact that it will lessen our communication, and possibly lessen our knowledge about certain subjects depending on how you use it. Someone would and could find a way to make something greater, something better, and they will put it out there, that’s how our social media works. I do believe we are addicted in an unhealthy way through social media. We as a community can’t control it, but as an individual can control it. For example, Chick-fil-A had a dinner for people, in which if they come in and put their phones in a box on the table. They couldn’t use their phone during dinner, just talk to each other. The addiction for social media will grow larger because, we are already addicted. By using social media, in a good way and not a harmful way, you could post stuff like ads and important clubs that people can join to stop bad situations from happening or that are happing.