What John F. Kennedy Has Done For the Community

John F. Kennedy said [when he was president] "Ask not what country can do for you ,ask what you can do for your country."That single sentence inspired people to do new s possibilities.Lots of young people, in particular,took the challenge and then thousands of people signed up to join.

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Impact on the Community

The Volunteers helped people by teaching, helping them be healthy,and they go out of the country to help people.They teach youth development, Eco-tourisom, healthy schools, and they bring peace to the world.

background information

John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachutetts on May 29th,1917. John F. Kennedy joined the Navy in 1941. he was also a president.

Feed the Future - Food Security in Senegal with Peace Corps & USAID

What Can I Do To Help

I could get a garbage bag and some rubber gloves and go outside with my mom to pick up garbage from around the neighborhood. I could start a website called Help For Hearts. In For Hearts I would give people something to do with hearts and I would give them to people with heart problems. It would male people with heart problems have hope and feel love. I could shovel people's driveways. I could babysit when I'm 11 or 12. I could go to one of those places where you make food and people who don't have money or food can eat it. I could donate money to people who are in a a hospital and don't have enough money to pay for an operation. I could start a website that is called Hope Is Here.

All About Me

I have shiny light brown hair and dark brown eyes.I go to Howard Elementary and next year I will go to line Ville intermediate school. I take hip-hop dance lessons, voice, and piano.