Autism Spectrum Disorder


What is Autism?

Autism is a complex disorder that includes impairments in social interaction, developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors.

Symptoms and how Autism can be detected?

They may have repetitive, stereotyped body movements such as rocking, pacing, or hand flapping. They may have unusual responses to people, attachments to objects, resistance to change in their routines, or aggressive or self-injurious behavior.

it is now recognized that some individuals may not show symptoms of a communication disorder until demands of the environment exceed their capabilities.

How is Autism treated?

People will take their children to all different source of therapy. Another way and the most popular way is to take different sources of drugs

What causes Autism? Is it preventable?

Autism runs in families, the other the parents, the more likely the child will get autism. Pregnant woman who drinks alcohol or use certain types of drugs can also cause autism.

It can be prevented as long as you are not drinking and doing drugs while you are pregnant.

How will they act?

Behavioral: inappropriate social interaction, poor eye contact, compulsive behavior, impulsivity, repetitive movements, self-harm, or persistent repetition of words or actions

Developmental: learning disability or speech delay in a child

Also common: anxiety, change in voice, sensitivity to sound, or tic