Republican Party

The Grand Old Party

All The Details

In a campaign flyer for Abraham Lincoln it showed an elephant holding banners celebrating the Union winning the Civil War. "Seeing the elephant" was slang during the Civil War meaning they were going to engage in combat.

Party Color- Red

Former Republican Presidents



The Republican party is pro-life, meaning as a whole party they do not support abortion. Also, as a unit they do not support same-sex marriage. The Republican party, however, does support the death penalty. Republicans support individual rights and justices over community.


Republicans are of the opinion that we need to have a higher budget on the military and spend more on it, ensuring we have a strong national defense.


The Republican party supports a 'free-market' economy, as stated above. They are pro-small business, believing that we need to spend within our own businesses to fix our economy.

Foreign Policy

Republican party says there is no success in 'talking' or 'negotiating' believe to ensure the United States safety, we must eliminate any threats to our safety, as well as avoiding slipping down the 'social welfare' slide other European countries are falling down.

How About No: Issues The Party Is Against

The Republican Party is against single-payer healthcare, otherwise known as socialized medicine. They do not support abortion except under extreme cases, such as rape or incest. They are adamantly against the legalization of marijuana.

Loyal States (Red)

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