Things About Me

Tristan Neuendorff

Me and My Family

My name is Tristan Neuendorff. I am 17 and I'm a Senior here at KMHS. I was born in Ozark, Alabama on March 17, 1997. After a couple years my family moved to Macon, Georgia where my little brother was born on October 25, 2000. A few years after that we moved here to Kennesaw and we've lived here ever since.

My mother's name is Tomi and she is an ASP teacher at Lewis Elementary. My father's name is Walter and he is an aircraft mechanic at Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. Airport in Atlanta. My brother's name is Sean. He is 13 and he is an 8th grader at Pine Mountain Middle School.


I have a few hobbies that I really enjoy. For starters, I'm a big gamer. Over the summer I got an Xbox One and it's kind of really awesome. I mostly play first person shooters but occasionally I'll find a game outside of that genre that I like a lot. My favorite game as of right now is Battlefield 4 and I'm looking forward to the sequel Battlefield: Hardline.

Another one off the top of my head is that I enjoy watching anime. Yes, I am a huge nerd and I'm not afraid to admit that. I won't bother going into much detail seeing as probably no one else in here is a fan. For those who don't know, an anime is basically an animated show from Japan.

Believe it or not I actually do get some physical excercise. I like swimming a lot which is unfortunate seeing as summer ends soon-ish. I've also started running and working out a little. I know, it's easy to tell right?

I write too. Nothing professional or anything I plan on getting published. It's mainly for myself and for people who follow my tumblr blog. I don't consider myself all that good especially compared to the people I follow but apparently people like it so I've got that going for me.


I'm a big history buff. I really like learning about the militaries of the world and military history. I guess then I should say that I'm a military buff. My favorite things to learn about are wars. Anything from WWI and up I love learning about even though I already know a lot.

I love art. I really do. Art is awesome. The thing is that I'm horrible at it. I couldn't draw something to save my life if I had to. I really want to learn how to draw so I plan on taking an art class next semester.

Same applies to music. I love it and would love to make my own, but I can't. Fortunately I have a friend who can so maybe I can get some pointers. As for what kind of music I like, well, a lot. I don't really listen to any particular genre more than another. If it sounds good, it sounds good. I'm not a big country fan though. I will say that. I will also say that I've been listening to a lot of electronic music lately and I'll put a few tracks I really like below.


Televisor - Neon by Monstercat


Rogue - Night After Night by Monstercat


Tristam - Till It's Over by Monstercat


I still have not managed to find a job unfortunately. I've applied to plenty of places but I haven't gotten anything yet.

Later in life I plan on joining the Air Force. I would like to become a pilot, but at the same time the idea of flying something myself kinda freaks me out so I'm also looking into cryptology and linguistics. I would like to make being an Air Force serviceman a career.