Stop The Use of Tobacco

I'd be lion if I said drugs were cool


Tobacco takes 443,000 peoples life annually from either exposure of tobacco or from smoking. Now do you want your child, student, family or friend.. to be one of those people out of 443,000 ? Let's make a change in the annual amount of people that die every year.

To Parents

We all know every school wants there campus to be 100% drug free. Help them make it happen. Don't let your child leave the premises of your home with drugs, nor come home with them. Have a talk with your child about how important it is to make wise decisions to live a long healthy life.

To Teachers

Create a culture you love, and help make your students own there decisions and be drug free. Knowledge your students with facts about tobacco and the causes of smoking. Show them peoples life stories and where smoking lead them. Have one on one talks to make sure they have better understanding on whats going in there body even if a cigarette wasn't put to there lips.

To Family and Friends

Families and friends you can help make this world a better place. We all know no one enjoys the smell of cigarettes. Well neither does your friend or younger family member. Don't expose other people around your own addiction. Be a good influence, and teach your family or friends what will happen if they are around or smoke cigarettes.