C.E. King High School

From the Principal's Office!

Easy is not always better!

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

- Frank Clark

I heard this quote on television this morning and it made me think. How many times do we ask for success but never want the struggle/obstacles? It is possible to be successful without a few push-backs along the way? Every school year presents a new or re-surfacing obstacle. As we are entering the final days of the 2015-2016 school year, let us not lose heart! Every week there are celebrations on our campus despite the obstacles we face. Keep pushing our students....we all deserve the experience of success but only if we don't give up!

Have a great week KHS!

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Information Station


1. EOC is here ! Please note that we will follow a testing bell schedule with no SMART lunch all week. Make sure you read all emails from the testing department. Tuesday-Thursday will be large scale days with Friday being make-up testing. Also, AP Exams will be this week and next week.

2. This is teacher appreciation week!! Thank you for all you do. Throughout the week we will have events to celebrate your work! Tomorrow...stop by during lunch for a treat from the KHS Care Team in the Fishbowl!

3. Prom was awesome on Saturday! The students were dressed very nicely and it was an event to remember. Thank you Ms. Walton for leading the way in organizing another successful prom!

4. Continue to be visible in the hallways during passing time. We are all responsible for making sure our students move to class. Don't let up!!!!