Party Planning!

By: Emily Deboer

My Party Ideas...

Out of all the tempting options, I have decided to choose Pizza Palace as food, And Hoppin' Around as a bounce house! I didn't want to choose the cheapest, Just because it was cheaper. And I think it is a better deal when it comes to food. You get more for your money! And as for the bounce house, I also thought Hoppin' Around was the better deal. Because for the other option, Because it just seemed like the better deal.

Burger Bonanza

* At Burger Bonanza, You have to pay $10 dollars per person, And a $20 catering fee. While it may seem cheaper, You still have to pay $20 for each person, And it just depends how many people come, And if like, lets say... 300 people come, That's pretty expensive.

*And, You also have an option for your burger. You have a choice... You can have a choice of veggie, chicken, turkey, or beef!

Pizza Palace

* At Pizza Palace, You can get 5 styles of all you can eat pizza, 3 Styles of all you can eat pasta, Breadsticks, salad, and one drink for each person. And you can buy all of that for a low price of $9.25 per person, And a $61.25 fee for setup!
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Hoppin' Around

When you decide to choose Hoppin' Around as your to-go place for a bounce house, You can get a 100ft obstacle course! Or you can get a 100sq ft bounce house for only $75 per hour.

Jumpin' Jacks

At Jumpin' Jacks, You can get a 100sq ft bounce house, or a 100ft obstacle course for only $54 per hour! And you can rent for up to 8 hours! But, This is actually more expensive because you on top of that have to pay $84 for the set up fee.
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