Pioneer Peak Elementary School

Home of the Mountaineers 12-3-2020

12 Days of Christmas at PPE!

Please wear your mask!

When entering the school at all during the day we need adults and students in grades 3 and up to have a mask on. We are hoping to stay open and would like to follow all procedures. Thank you for keeping us all safe and for helping to keep the students in school!

Winter gear

Please make sure students are being sent to school with proper winter gear every day. They should have a coat, snow pants, boots, gloves and a hat. The students will go outside as long as it is warmer than -10. Please help keep the kids warm!

Covid- 19 information

MSBSD COVID-19 Information Page

MSBSD provides daily updates for schools district wide each evening around 4:30PM. This page includes MSBSD’s Daily Summary to include: Operational Status, Overall Assessment and District Reported Cases and Short-term Closures.

*Pioneer Peak Elementary COVID-19 cases that DO NOT directly impact student learning will be communicated on this MSBSD Daily Summary Page.

**Information regarding cases that directly impact Pioneer Peak Elementary student learning, classroom or school closures will be sent out via email/text to our staff and families.

Please feel free to call or email the school with additional questions or clarification.

Thank you,

Jason Moen, Principal

Returning from interstate travel

Recent travel out of state? Please know that if your child has recently returned from out of state travel, they must take a COVID-19 PCR (molecular-based not antigen) within 72 hours of departure, or on arrival, and self-quarantine until the negative results can be uploaded into the Travel Portal. Travelers must also observe strict social distancing for 5 days after arrival, even if test results are negative. This means you cannot enter a school building during this time. Children 10 and under are not required to be tested; if they choose not to test they would follow the same requirements of the parent or guardian they traveled with. Alaska residents may choose to quarantine for 14 days in lieu of testing; if children do not test. Learn about the new rules at Health Order 6: Interstate and International Travel:

  • For returning travelers, the first COVID-19 test should be taken 72 hours prior to departure or at the airport for Alaska residents.
  • The second test is optional, but should be taken 5-14 days after arrival.
  • Do not send a child to school until these requirements are met.Thank you for helping to keep others safe, and keep schools open.
Big picture
Big picture

Kids being sick

Your child needs to be kept at home if they are showing any of the following symptoms:

  • fever/chills cough
  • shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • congestion/runny nose
  • sore throat
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • nausea/vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • muscle/joint/body aches
  • or fatigue.

Any of these symptoms listed may be symptoms of COVID-19. Please contact your health care provider and follow their guidance; they may want to test your child for COVID-19.

Thank you for your support!

Order your Holiday Candy Grams now through the 10th!

Special Santa Program

If your family could benefit from the Special Santa program, a 501c3 non-profit charity operated by Alaska Family Services, please click on the forms below. If you have any questions, please contact Katrina Holder at

Special Santa 2020 Parent/Guardian Sign-Up Form

Special Santa 2020 Parent Instruction Form

Special Santa 2020 Child Wishlist

The Season of Giving is upon us!

Student Council would like to invite you to participate in this years Special Santa Workshop.

Come by the front office of PPE and pick out one (or two...or three) Special Santa tags. These tags will have the gender, age, and Christmas wish item for a special Matsu child.

Are you a remote learner? Or can't make it in? No problem! We still want you to participate. Send Mrs. Holman or Mrs. Hodges an email and we will grab a tag for you, send you the information so you are set to bring cheer to someone this holiday season.

We will be collecting items until December 17th, delivering that evening.

The Tree is standing tall and proud in the Lobby!

Come Check it Out!

Thank you!

If you have any questions please email

Charisse Holman:

Jeanell Hodges: jeanell.hodges@

PE News!

Healthy Futures: Thank you to those who participated in this the last couple of months. We take a break from calendars for December and January and will start again in February. Continue being healthy and active!!

SHOE TYING!! There are several students in our school who struggle tying their shoes. This is one of the many important life skills students should learn. Please ask your child if they can tie their shoes, and if they struggle, here is a great video to teach them how!!!

PLEASE HELP!!! Many students are wearing their boots to school to help keep their feet warm, but do not have PE shoes to wear. Please send tennis shoes (that tie or velcro) to leave at school with your student. I have some shoes they can borrow, but it takes them a while to trade out and they are missing class time. Also, students cannot borrow if they are not wearing socks for hygiene reasons. Thank you!

Upcoming “Active”-ities in the area:

• EVERY MONDAY- Happy Runs sponsored by Active Soles in Palmer. 6:00 pm~please wear reflective clothing and a head lamp!

December upcoming events

  • 12-4: SCHOOL COLORS! Yearbook @ 8:15am and Peak pass pizza with Mr. Moen
  • 12-7: WEAR BLUE! BOB 3rd & 4th grade @ 8:15am
  • 12-8: WEAR STRIPES OR RED AND WHITE! Migrant Ed Tutoring @ 8:00am and Girls Who Code @ 3:45pm
  • 12-9: DRESS LIKE YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE CHARACTER! Migrant Ed Tutoring @ 8:00am and BOB 5th grade @ 8:15am
  • 12-10: WEAR SWEATS! Migrant Ed Tutoring @ 8:00am and PTA meeting @ 4pm
  • 12-14: SCHOOL COLORS! BOB 3rd & 4th grade @ 8:15am and birthday lunches with Mr. Moen
  • 12-15: CHRISTMAS SWEATER DAY! Migrant Ed Tutoring @ 8:00am and Girls Who Code @ 3:45pm
  • 12-16: WEAR GREEN AND RED! Migrant Ed Tutoring @ 8:00am and BOB 5th grade @ 8:15am
  • 12-17: COUNTRY CHRISTMAS! Migrant Ed Tutoring @ 8:00am and Student Council @ 8:15am
  • 12-19 through 1-3 Christmas Break! Enjoy


Thank you to all who ordered pizza from Papa Murphy's on pizza day. It was a great fundraiser that helped both us and the local Papa Murphy stores. We ended up making over $850 that day!!! Thank you !!!!!

Next PTA MEETING is on the Dec 10th and 4pm.

PTA meeting notes are now posted under the PTA tab on the Pioneer Peak webpage. Check out our website for the next meeting day/time:

Purchase your Peak gear online!

Contact information

Jason Moen, Principal

Robin Covington, Admin. Secretary

Katie Aro, Secretary