Culture of kerala

Home of Great Culture

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Kerala's Culture

Kerala has a great culture that has been contributed by the people and different races. The history of Kerala can tell about the process of culture synthesis. Throughout the ages, Kerala has proved that it can respond to any challenges through its adaptation and combination of old traditions.

Some kerala Traditions :

Kerala Painting

Other than the unique art of body painting for specific dance forms such as Kathakali, Kerala has a rich style of Oil paintings. While the state identifies with the rest of India in its use of henna to paint parts of the body such as hands and feet, Kerala has also its singular art forms of floor drawings and paintings (Kalamezhuthu).

Kerala Handicrafts

Among the variety of handicrafts produced in Kerala, the more renowned are sandalwood items, woodcraft, handlooms and metal work (especially brass and copper).

Kerala Martial Arts and Sports

Sports and Martial Arts take prime importance in the life of a Malayali. Not only are sport competitions (such as rowing competitions) part of the Festival customs, there is, in Kerala, a tradition of martial arts training. Many of these are holistic physical development systems and are tauht in combination with ayurveda, accupressure, herbalism etc.

Kerala's Traditional Meal

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Festivals of Kerala


Onam is the most biggest festival in Kerala. It is the National Festival of Kerala with State holidays on 4 days starting from Onam Eve (Uthardom) to the 4rd Onam Day. Its also one of the most secular festival.
Kerala is considered as land of festivals, with numerous festivals falling across the year. The State has numerous holidays due to Festivals.

Kerala is the Home of Culture

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