443 Engagement Party!

October 26, 2016

We Are Excited!

USD 443 teachers definitely understand how important ENGAGEMENT is for our students. Our students learn more effectively when content is ENGAGING, and USD 443 teachers continually strive to actively ENGAGE students in activities that ask students to stretch their abilitites.

USD 443 supports teachers' growth and development in STUDENT ENGAGEMENT as we spend a day growing professionally in this area. We hope you enjoy the opportunities to learn from and with your colleagues, and we hope you feel you're able to stretch your own abilities. HAVE AN ENGAGING DAY!

Inservice Overview

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Sessions A & B - You Will Choose TWO of These!

Project-Based Learning: Learning Through Doing

This conversation-based session will be all about what constitutes a project-based lesson--which is learning through the process rather than front-loading information-- and how to turn what you already do into those lessons. If you've got a lesson you're interested in turning into more of a project-based lesson, bring it with you!

"I Do If You Do"...Co-Teaching

This session will share ideas and strategies for working effectively with another teacher for more student engagement.

"In Their Shoes"

“Teachers Experience the Needs of English Language Learners through a Math Simulation.” (http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ986899.pdf)

Flipping Out - Or In!

Come explore flipped learning, including options for tailoring the flip to fit your classroom, students, and their needs. Whether you call it “flipped,” “blended,” “inflip” or something else entirely, this session will arm you with ideas, tools, and strategies to increase engagement in your classroom!

Thinking & Knowing: Why We Don't Know Everything We'e Learned

Let's get down and dirty talking about student motivation, misconceptions about learning, and...“grades.”

Will You Mindset Me?

Do you want a classroom full of students who are thriving, growing, and excited to learn? If so, then check out this session on Growth Mindset!

Let's Talk About Academic Discourse

We will facilitate a discussion on ways we have been able to initiate student discourse in the classroom. Participants will be encouraged to identify and adjust language structures to work in their class with their students. In true edcamp style, the session will flow to the needs of the attendees.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Commitment to Technology!

Come join this panel discussion led by a range of elementary and middle school teachers about incorporating technology into everyday life in the classroom.

Movement in the Classroom

“Letting kids move in the classroom isn’t a break from learning. It is learning!” Sure you have heard all about brain “breaks;” maybe you even use them in your classroom. STOP! No, don’t stop doing them; STOP calling them brain breaks! The brain is working. Let’s call them what they are: “BRAIN BOOSTS!” Movement in the classroom doesn’t JUST mean putting in a “Go Noodle” video. There are many ways to make your current lessons include movement! Check out this session for several ideas that can help you get your students up and moving! Are you thinking, “This isn’t for my classroom?” Guess what? It is! It’s for ALL classrooms!

(Strauss, Valerie, Jan. 2015. The Washington Post).

Breakout of Dodge: Inquiring About our History

Join us for a BreakoutEDU session using the history of Dodge City to focus on inquiry-based learning and grit

Session C - Meet With Your Content Area...District-Wide!

Participants will review and discuss several talking points of the State Board of Education’s vision “Kansans Can” as it relates to their content, identifying district strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions.

OR...Attend SWPRSC's Poverty Simulation ALL MORNING LONG!

SWPRSC Poverty Simulation

SWPRSC will be offering a morning-long poverty simulation session. This powerful simulation assigns each participant a "role" in a family and community, allowing participants to more fully understand many of the heart-wrenching decisions faced by our families of poverty every day

Enroll in Your Morning Sessions on MLP

Link to My Learning Plan

Use My Learning Plan to enroll in EITHER Sessons A, B, and C OR the SWPRSC Poverty Simulation (lasts the entire morning).

My Learning Plan will be set up for session enrollment Friday afternoon, October 14, 2016. Log in. Click on District Catalog on the left, and then click on October. The October 26 sessions start at approximately #6.

The poverty simulation appears first, followed by all the CMS sessions and then all the DCMS sessions. Sessions are alphabetical and organized by room numbers and titles. DON'T KNOW YOUR BUILDING ASSIGNMENT? CHECK WITH YOUR BUILDING PRINCIPAL!

Enrollment will remain open through Thursday, October 20, 2016. Sessions are capped and will fill up, so enroll early!

What Is an EdCamp?

EdCamp 101

Common EdCamp Topics

  • Everything preschool
  • Teaching empathy through lit
  • Kinetic learning
  • Flexible seating
  • Project-based learning
  • Academic discourse
  • Growth mindset
  • Working with unmotivated students
  • Authentic assessments
  • Working in writing
  • Promoting reading
  • BreakoutEDU
  • Best books for...
  • PE, PE, PE
  • Istation basics
  • I wanna create a BreakoutEDU
  • Retrieval practice
  • Tech that's not overwhelming
  • and anything else you can think of!