Room 231

FOR THE WEEK OF 8/20-8/24, 2012


We successfully completed our first full week of 8th grade! I'm proud of all of my students and look forward to getting to know them better as the year goes on.

For our second week of the 2012-2013 school year, we will be continuing our discussion of "heroes" and this week we will begin to zero in on the particular qualities that make someone a hero. We are going to look at a real-life hero who is only half their age, heroes in history, and read a variety of texts - including poetry from Walt Whitman and clips from Batman Begins - then analyze the Hero's Journey and discuss archetypes. It will be a busy week, but an exciting one as we continue to build our own definition of a hero in preparation for the first Embedded Assessment!


A Few Notes and Updates...

  • There has been some confusion on the issue of homework in my class. Part of the requirement for my class is reading on their own and then corresponding with me about what they are reading in their Reading Response Journals. I require one letter in their journal by Friday of each week, with the first one being due this Friday, the 24th. This can include magazine articles, non-fiction, and fiction pieces. As of now, I am not requiring they read for a set amount of time each night. However, that is subject to change if I notice that perhaps they aren't reading at all or if they aren't challenging themselves. I will always keep you informed of any changes and I always welcome your questions or suggestions. If there are particular ways that I can be a more effective teacher to your child, please share those with me.
  • Each student needs a three ring binder for our class, with 5 tab dividers. This is so we can keep track of all the different things that we do during any given class period. They also need a notebook or a composition book for their Reading Response Journal. If there is difficulty in getting any of these materials for your student, please let me know and we will see what we can work out together!