By Monica, Rylee. and sadly Quint

Propaganda Department Of Napoleon's Government

Squealer is a small pig in the novel Animal Farm. He is a loyal servant of Napoleon. Squealer is the one that talks to the animals and reassures them that what Napoleon is doing is what's best for all of Animal Farm. In chapter 7, Squealer comes to the hens and says they must surrender their eggs, Napoleon had taken a job for four hundred eggs a week. The hens were against this and refused to give up their eggs. So, Napoleon stop their rationing and nine hens died. In chapter 6, when Napoleon started trading with the other farms. Squealer went to the animals and said, are you certain that this is something you have dreamed comrades?

Squealer's Represenative

The Propaganda Department Of Lenin's Government worked for Stalin to support his image as a leader to the people. Using any lie to convince the people to follow Stalin. It benefited them that the religion was replace with Stalin.